Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sunday Round Up: Goth Plague Edition

Photo by Peter Lennox

This week I have had a pretty nasty cold combined with a sinus infection so I haven't really been able to do a lot this week. I am recovering now though, which is good.

Monday I travelled back from York
Tuesday and Wednesday I hardly moved from the sofa because I felt so bad, there was a point on Wednesday when I felt like one of my sinuses was trying to burst out of my face Alien style.
Thursday I still wasn't feeling to grand, but I still went to see a new tempory Egyptian exhibit at the Hancock Museum, pretty glad I went as I enjoyed it.
Friday I was starting to feel better so I did some crochet, made a video and made some false lashes.
Saturday I did more crochet
Today I'm just going to rest more and spend time with Kev :)

DV8 Fest: Sunday

Geese outside where we were staying (this and all photos in this post by Kev36663)

Sunday was a funny ol' day.
We spent most of the morning using the free wifi in Weatherspoons before we headed to The Duchess so that Kev could interview The March Violets for Dominion TV.
The interview ended up being in The Black Swan pub, which is very beautiful.
Again I can't really reveal any of the interview, but I will link to it when it makes it to the internet.

I ended up volunteering to do the merch for the March Violets in return for a photo with the band.
As a result of this the only band I got to see was the Violets themselves, but given the amount of pain my feet were in I was pretty happy for a sit down.
Besides merching was actually pretty fun that once as people came and talked to me, and I did have a pint bought for me by Dr Geoff (why can't this happen every time I do merch, more of this please and less of people that randomly change what they want just as I find it).

Rosie Lugosi of The March Violets

The March Violets set, was as I expected it to be, fantastic.
I was a little disappointed they left out Religious as Hell, but oh well, I thoroughly enjoyed them anyway.

Friday, 29 July 2011

DV8 Fest: Saturday

Rome Burns, this and all other photos in this post by Kev36663

A huge chunk of our Saturday seemed to be taken up by looking for a Weatherspoons and somewhere to buy a towel (we stayed in Goodrick College's Hall's of Residence, they didn't have towels).

No Tears

After all that wandering we headed over to The Duchess for No Tears, they weren't really my cup of tea but Kev enjoyed them.

The Last Cry

I did however really enjoy The Last Cry, from my seat in the corner (I hate sitting through gigs but after all of that trekking I needed new feet).

Alice Moving under skies

Next we headed over to Stereo for Alice Moving Under Skies.
It looked at one point as though we wouldn't actually get see them at all, when we arrived the room was packed, we did manage to get a good view eventually though.
Quite impressed by their new bass player [badpun] he swallowed a sword....METAL![/badpun], and really enjoyed their cover of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.

Rome Burns

I really enjoyed what I saw of Rome Burns, but unfortunately it was just to hot in Stereo and I felt faint, so I ended up having to leave after three songs.


Queenie and I met up and headed over to The Duchess to see Specimen, while Kev and Ghost went to see Utah Saints.
Unfortunately for them it turned out that it was a Utah Saints DJ set rather than a band set, so they ended up coming back upstairs to see Specimen with us.
Specimen we good, but not quite as good as I was expecting, which is kind of a shame.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

DV8 Fest: Friday

Gary Numan and myself. Photo (and all photos in this post) by the wonderful Kev36663

On Friday Kev and I travelled to York for DV8 music festival.
Kev got to interview Gary Numan for Dominion , he was supposed to be joined by another person from Dominion but he wasn't able to get there quick enough, so I ended up being able to sit in on the interview.
I can't really reveal any of the interview, as it's not published yet (but I will link you to it when it is), but I will say that Gary is a very nice man, not at all divaish and a pleasure to meet.


Next we headed up to Fibbers for some electronic music from Surgyn.
Although initially their sound seemed to suffer, I did find myself quite enjoying them towards the end of their set and I'm quite looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks time supporting Angelspit in Newcastle


Next up were Uberbyte, who were amazing as always.

Following that we ran to the other side of town to catch the end of Luxury Stranger.
It's sometimes a little weird seeing a band you're used to seeing on small stages on a HUGE stage, but Luxury Stranger owned that stage, and it would be nice to see them on more big stages in the future.

Around an hour later and we got our headline act, Gary Numan himself, who played a blindingly awesome set, which was a spectacular end to a spectacular night.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

DV8 Fest Highlights

Me with The March Violets (photo by Kev36663)

This is a just a bit of a quick highlights post, I will be doing some proper posts over the rest of the week.

Friday Highlights

Meeting Gary Numan
Running into Sarah/Helga after not having seen her for years working at Fibbers!
Catching the end of Luxury Stranger's set (they really worked on that huge stage in The Barbican)
Gary Numan's set
Very odd pizza menus

Saturday Highlights

Weatherspoons lunching
Having a pint (of coke) in the smallest pub in York (The Golden Fleece)
The Last Cry
Alice Moving Under Skies
Alice Moving Under Skies's new bass player swallowing swords and razors
What I saw of Rome Burns before I thought I was going to faint
The pretty barman in The Duchess

Sunday Highlights

Making the barman in Weatherspoons blush
Meeting The March Violets and managing not to giggle like an idiot or make "SQUEEEEEEEEEE!" noises
The Black Swan Pub (seriously this is the prettiest pub I've ever been in)
Being The March Violets fabulous merch girl for the night!
Being bought a pint (of John Smiths) by Dr Geoff
Attempting to sell Chris Catylst a T-shirt
Meeting people I've been getting emails from since 2005
A big Hug from Sy
Being dragged into a dressing room by Rosie Lugosi (it was for that photo up there)
Garlic mushrooms :D

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 10 – What’s in your bag?

Ok so I kind of cheated with this one, but it's really not that long since I did a "what's in your bag" post, and nothing much has changed since then.
So instead you're getting the contents of my make-up bag :)

Lip Balm
Hand Mirror I bought at Kathmandu in Newcastle when I was 14
Pink Barry M gloss
Avon lipstick in "Glam Girl"
Loreal Double Extension mascara in "Carbon Black"
Royal Cosmetic Connections waterproof eyelash glue
Technic eyeliner crayon (I found this in a closing down sale, it is THE BEST eyeliner I've ever used)

Eylure Girls Aloud (shhhhh don't tell anybody, they're pretty lashes but GA are still crap) Festival lashes designed by Nadine Coyle


Just a little side note:

I'm away at the DV8 Festival in York this weekend so I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep updated until Monday.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita.

1. Buy from Millanoo

2. Take on a fake "Lolita personality", I am who I am, if you don't like it then don't look because I am not going to pretend to be someone else to get "in with the cool kids".

3. Change my voice. I was born in Gateshead, grew up around "Geordies" and "Mackems", I have a Northern accent, I do not sound like the bloody Queen and never will.

4. Forget how I got where I am. When I was 11 I loved Pokemon, over the years I found a lot of Anime I liked (A Vision of Escaflowne FTW!), I suppose I did at one point become a bit of a Weaboo. I'm not ashamed by my past and I will never try and hide it, what's the point in trying to hide something when someone on the internet is bound to find it anyway?

5. Trade friends for drama.

6. Scam people

7. Wear the same outfit three days in a row (gross)

8. Boast

9. Wear a wig (they look great on other people, but yeah not for me)

10. Steal

Monday, 18 July 2011

Northern Pride 2011 and Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire you for lolita.

Saturday was one of my favourite annual events in Newcastle, our very own Gay Pride March and Pink Picnic.
The march itself is less of  march in the *rabble rabble we want change dammit* sense, and more of a parade showing all of the wonderful, positive things about LGBT culture, we're here we're queer and we're waving at you so smile dammit!
This year it decided to rain, and boy did it do that!

We became the cheeriest parade of rainbow brollys there ever was :D
Every year the parade gets bigger and better, and every year there are more happy people turn up to cheer us on and less haters (though there were two ever so brave guys sitting on a bus stuck their middle fingers up at us as we went past, but ho-hum perhaps they just wanted us to wave and blow kisses at them?)

Ophelia Balls looking glam

Because of the rain I spent a lot of the rest of the day in the Cabaret tent, but I did get to see and enjoy a lot of fabulous Drag acts :)

Also Pride being Pride, I got a lovely bag full of freebies when I braved the rain to go talk to the people with stalls :)
Bag and Mesmac balloon

Other side of the balloon advertising 1 hour HIV tests

Two copies of out and a magazine about Northumerland

various flyers from the people I spoke to, and the free brolly from the Royal College of Nursing

Remenents of my flag that disintegrated in the rain

More flyers, lip balm, badges, a fuzzy thing, condoms and lube

This one glows in the dark!


1. Malice Mizer- Beast of Blood

2. Adam and the Ants- Prince Charming ("ridicule is nothing to be scared of" being something we should all remind ourselves one in a while)

3. Strawberry Switchblade- Who knows what love is?

4. Bow Wow Wow- I Want Candy

5. The Sisters of Mercy- Alice (I designed a print inspired by this and Body Electric, and just the mad urge to parody the whole Alice in Wonderland thing Lolita has going on)

6.Razorblade Kisses- Teddy

7. Stolen Babies- Spill (I just love the whole "broken doll" kind of look the band have going, it inspires me to do something similar to a Lolita shape)

8. Moi Dix Mois- Night Breed

9 Marilyn Manson- The Dope Show ("they love you when you're on all the covers, when you're not they love another")

10 Hole- Doll Parts

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Round Up: Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows! (and competition information)

Gay Pride was a little damp this year...Who am I kidding it BUCKETED DOWN!

This week for the most part was pretty similar to last in that I was mostly working on getting things sorted out so I can go beg the bank for a business loan (also I'm applying to go on Dragon's Den, I might not get on but hey it's worth a shot!)
Yesterday was Northern Pride (Newcastle's Gay Pride march and Pink Picnic), it rained a lot but I still had a great time (more on that tomorrow),  followed by Charnel House.


Remember back in this post  I announced that my friends at Forever in Black (check out their newly updated website with tons of new stuff ) were going to be holding a give away on their Facebook fan page?
Well they've realised the details and a photo of the prize bundle (see above).
There is:

1 embroidered shoulder bag
1 Two coloured lace mask
1 Pair of black wrist cuffs
1 Burgundy skull hair flower
1 Red feather fan (I have one of these and they're super)
1 Teenage Vampire Bunny (these are about half the size of my vampire bunny, I got to see a cluster of them last night and SQUEE! They're adorable!)

To enter all you have to do is like forever in black here and then tag yourself in this picture of the prizes here

Good Luck :D

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your lolita style.

1. The wonderful Mana Sama

2. Misako, despite not really being that into sweet myself I appreciate her talent, and Baby do actually do things now and then I'd like...Like the black bunny bear...And that new print with the psychic teddies!

3. Akira, who as regular readers know I have the hugest inviso boner for *le swoon*

4. Sakizou

5. Vivienne Westwood

6. Vivienne Sato

7. Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

8. Gladys George as Countess Du Barry in the 1938 Marie Antoinette

 9. The Swing by Jean Honore Fragonard

10. Strawberry Switchblade

Friday, 15 July 2011

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita. (also craft post)

1. My medium petticoat, it's not to big, not to small, great for everyday wear.

2. My Pleaser Dolly shoes

3. Poundland, it's a mountain of knee high socks and lolible accessories

4. Claire's Accessories, also good for loliable accessories (often full of bows, flowers and mini hats)

5. Pleaser in general, because in amongst the stripper shoes there are some perfectly lovely shoes for the big-footed Vegan lolita :)

6. My sewing machine

7. My crochet hooks

8. Inspiration from other people

9. Gothic

10. The desire to be different


Speaking of crochet hook, my latest bus project has been bun covers.

Currently beavering away making a cream bun cover with pink beads :)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.

1. Rose Melody's Rozen Maiden set (without the bonnet though, because I think that one is a little big for me)

2. Moitie's Iron Gate OP (White on black)

3. Angelic Pretty's Wonder Cookie halter JSK in dark blue

4. Alice and the Pirates's Carousel Applique OP

5. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Strawberry Cake Shoes

6. Lolita Princess Tartan Waistcoat and ruffle backed shorts

7. Infanta Black Jack Jacket

8. Racoon's Alice's Magic Academy Skirt

9. Dear Celine's Floating Rose JSK in red

10. Antaina Gold Rocking Horse shoes

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