Thursday, 29 November 2012

Alt Snap Whitby Goth Weekend Part 7

Another fabulously dressed couple! 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Gifts or treating yourself? Forever In Black Gift Bundles

*sponsor post*

The "Fly By Night" Gift Pack

Just in time for some alternative Christmas cheer Forever In Black have released some gift packs that would make the perfect presents for that special Goth or Steampunk in your life (or even a cheeky treat for yourself when the Christmas shopping is all done!).

Fancies and Fripperies 

Prices range between £15 - £50, with each pack including accessories that would ordinarily cost more separately.

The packs are as follows:

A pretty pack of cute and creepy goodies, with a zippered purse embroidered with a skull, two cute critters and a cartoon hairband. 

Cute gift pack of bat and vampire themed items for the vamp in your life! A glittery bat hairband, vampire cameo purse, bat embroidered leather wristband and scarlet false nails make this an excellent set of stocking fillers. 

A little steampunk for Christmas! Grab this gorgeous pack featuring an embroidered purse, a cog and feather hair clip, and a handmade lace key necklace. 

This one is a little more luxurious. This pack includes a black silk mini top hat decorated with feathers, a midnight black rose, velvet ribbon, and black lace wings (they make the wings themselves!), a black silk velvet bag with silvery-white wings embroidered on, a purse with embroidered wings and a rose, a little black bat, black feather fan, and black false fingernails. 

Cute pack inspired by Day of the Dead imagery! You get a voodoo doll and day of the dead skull stuffy - use them as pincushions! - an anatomical heart embroidered purse, and two cartoon headbands. Ideal stocking fillers!

Be Splendid this Christmas with this amazing pack of steampunk goodies! This pack includes lavender sachets, a silk back, a stunning mini top hat, handmade steampunk wrist cuffs, and a zippered purse. 

If you have a taste for crimson, look no further! 4 items, all red and black, gathered together in a gift pack is the one for you. We've included a leather wristband embroidered with a scarlet bat, a little red monster, a scarlet cartoon headband, and a silky black velvet purse with crimson embroidery. 

Purple is a VERY popular gothic colour. Well, here's a pack with all the purple goodness you could want! We've put in a mini top hat, a feathered collar, a stunning bag and matching purse, purple false nails, and a little sugar skull toy/ pincushion. 

Not all steampunks are lords and ladies. Some are street punks and gang members, little match girls gone wrong. This pack plays up to that image! Including a patchwork tweed mini top hat, a patchwork bag, two lavender sachets, and an embroidered purse, add these to a plain outfit to create a very different image! 

That Voodoo That You Do!

The Paradise - Denise Inspired Hair Tutorial

This one is a request for lavendertwilight08 who recently subscribed to my youtube channel :)

Hair of the Day 28/11/2012 - Woven Bun

Curse my ends :/

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Five Things that Inspired me this week

That it is :)

I thought it would be nice to start sharing five things every week that inspired me or made me feel good and share the love, so here we go:

Us being drunken bums in Glasgow back in July

1. My boyfriend Kev

We've been together over three and a half years now...Wow! How did that happen?!
He puts up with my crazy, is there for me when I'm feeling crappy, and when I'm feeling good. My partner in crime and adventure buddy, and I love him. :)

Martin of Mono Inc a few years back at Mera Luna

2. Seeing an awesome band, put on an awesome first performance in the UK

On Friday we travelled down to London to see Mono Inc play a show in Camden Underworld (my first time there, I was always under the impression it was bigger from reading reviews in Kerrang! And the toilet graffiti amused me "these toilets are disgusting!" clearly you've never been to Legends!).
It was their first show in the UK, and one of the best shows I've seen this year!
I was so glad for them that it turned out so well because they seemed like such genuinely nice people when we briefly spoke to them at M'era Luna this year when we were getting a photo and signed stuff, that they deserved to have a great gig.
Also pretty glad they dipped into some of their older stuff too, rather than just playing recent music, when I was having a really hard time stress-wise at uni in my second year and missing Kev I listened to the Temple of the Torn album a lot to de-stress, so it was nice to hear Temple of the Torn, My Sick Mind TV, and I admit I might have got slightly emotional during In My Heart!

Tard the Grumpy Cat

3. The Grumpy Cat Meme

This little guy sums up my feelings on almost everything, and yet, I cannot look at him without smiling.
He's so friggin' adorable, I want to hug him :D

4. The Christmas Market is here!!!!
So many gifts and yummy things bought there the other day!
The Italian stand have some dairy free cakes this year, and on the complete opposite end of the foodie spectrum Kev bought a crocodile steak.

5. American Horror Story
I am so hooked on this show! I was a little weirded out initially of the concept of having a totally different story but with an almost entirely identical cast to series 1, but you know, it actually kind of works!

Alt Snap Whitby Goth Weekend Part 6

I really loved this lady's entirely blue outfit.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Travel Lodges in King's Cross are strange...

The last one I stayed in looked like somewhere a serial killer might stay, this one that we stayed in last night was really nice (and had the most comfortable bed ever mmmmmmm)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Alt Snap - Bram Stoker International Film Festival Part 7

These people were right next to us at the trading hall, I don't remember which card is theirs though!
I think Sarah The Jurassic Goth knows though, so I hope you see this post Sarah!

I wish I'd had enough money for that mask, it's so beautiful!

Hair of the Day 20/11/2012 - Chinese Bun Variation

This variation of the Chinese bun doesn't work so well in my hair, presumably my hair is just a little to thick to do it in this way.
This is something to always keep in mind when learning styles from youtube tutorials, every body has different hair, so if something doesn't work for you, try it in a different way.

I had hoped to film a video tutorial of my own today, but I am still pretty unwell, hopefully though I will be well enough to film something within the next few days.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Solilor Lolita Giveaway

Just one of the many dresses from the site.

I was contacted by, an online retailer of Lolita dresses and skirts to tell you about their current promotion.


Solilor giveaway! Solilor distribute the 10% voucher code for everyone:

   Note: 1. The 10% discount code applies for all the solilor products,including fashion clothing,dazzling sunglasses,high-end jewelry,exquisite accessories. All the orders you place are free shipping in the worldwide.

            2. Solilor giveaway will last for 15 days.

They carry a lot of different styles of Lolita dresses and skirts, and have something to suit most budgets, as well as free shipping (with no minimum order required), 365 days returns policy, 60 days money back guarantee and the company are based in Hong Kong.

Hair of the Day 19/11/2012 - Kirsten Bell Inspired Simple Half Up

Laddollyvita33's tutorial

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Life is a Journey, it twists, it turns.

My very first Monday Picture Thread photo, 2005.
Oh God, look at my hair.

A few days ago I stumbled across the AFI/Despair Faction forums in a random google search, I can't remember what I was searching for now, I just remember it turned up and was a massive nostalgia bomb for me.
Seven years ago, I got my very first email address that I could control myself (I'd had one before that to send emails to my cousin, but my parents monitored it and I wasn't allowed to join any forums or anything because my parents were convinced that the internet was made up of me and like 30 paedophiles or something*), and the first thing I did after adding all the people I'd just met on a youth exchange with Connexions Cheshire and Warrington to MSN was to sign up to that forum (I'd owned Sing The Sorrow for a few months, and I'd seen the videos for Girls Not Grey and The Leaving Song Pt2 on MTV2 a lot the previous year, and Girls Not Grey particularly - which is kind of odd I guess because lyrically it isn't very "hey sad girl in her mid-teens we understand you" like some of the stuff I was listening to at the time - helped me through what I consider my lowest point of my teens).


For four years I considered that forum my internet home, I thought of a lot of the regular posters as real friends (and in many cases still do, I still have some of them on Facebook), and when one of my DF friends died I cried and mourned just as I would have done if an offline friend died (it brought a tear to my eye when I saw her name in my friend list the other day when I re-found the forum, she was a very kind and considerate person, and though I never knew her in "real life" I miss her like hell.), we were to coin a lyric "One dark flame".

That picture is from totally the wrong era of AFI. Davey had long Gothboi hair when they recorded this *grumble*

It all came crashing to an end in 2009 when the rules were changed on the forums, and most of the forums were set to paying fan club members only, my goodbye message in the thread of rage was:

"It's up to you what you do with your board and I don't intend to offend anybody but I just have this message: 

I loved this board, I loved 10th Circle and I always intended to get DF memberbership..."

I never did get that membership because I was mad over the way fans were treated, and well, Crashlove wasn't really all that good in my opinion, and I stopped visiting the forums, it seemed pointless given that I wasn't allowed to say anything any more, and so my account lay dormant for three years.

Until a few days ago when I re-found it and discovered that most of the forums (including the 10th Circle!), had re-allowed non payers to post again!
Unfortunately the entire board had become spam city or something (AFI Everything currently has two whole pages of adverts for UGG boots :/ ), but I had a nose around, and decided to look back at my posting history!
Whereupon I discovered that I was a complete tool in 2009.
I found this:

Even without context this looks bad :/

For context I was telling someone to grow a sense of humour because they didn't find 

"Jade - "Will you have sex with me? No? Ok then, rape it is!"

I was telling someone they should find rape jokes funny.
In 2009.
That's not all that long ago.

I am so ashamed that I said that, and I cringed and considered deleting the post, even though it was 2009, and MechaSean wouldn't see it, and will probably never know that my opinions have done a massive 180 on rape jokes (and abortion, I found a bunch of anti-abortion posts I made in 2007-8 there too), but then I realised something.

I had these extreme "troll" views not that long ago, and I changed. I became a better person.
And you know what?
That gives me hope, that some day all of the other people who think rape jokes are perfectly acceptable, and that it's fine to punish people with other people's lives will grow the hell up and realise what they said too.
It doesn't make it right, or even better that I said those things, and goodness knows I am so sorry that I did, but it does give me hope.

On a lighter note, I found these:

*may be a slight over exaggeration 

Miss Audrey Inspired Hair Tutorial

Sorry about the poor light... WINTER IS COMING!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Hair of the Day 12/11/2012

Johanna's Updo

Please forgive the crap pictures, my camera batteries are dead and my webcam is apparently useless :/
Will try and get better pictures later.

Hopefully will find time to make a video tutorial of my own tomorrow :)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

On vanishing pictures

I've just been informed that some of the pictures from old posts have been vanishing. 
I'll try and fix them within the next few days, but bare with me for now.

Hair of the Day (from yesterday not today)

For yesterday's Charnel House I wore my hair in a lot of pinned up braids.

I also wore my new glittery butterfly clips.

I found them in Poundland, they're supposed to be Christmas decorations, but they're on alligator clips so I bought a few to use in my hair :)
They also had flocked snowflakes that I didn't get, but if they still have those next time then I will get some of those too, for some winter styles :)

Friday, 9 November 2012

Had intended to do a hair of the day today

But my hair is kind of dry from all the back-combing at the beginning of the weeks so I'm coconut oil treating it.
Have a zippy instead :)

Alt Snap - Bram Stoker International Film Festival Part 4

I loved this lady's outfit.
Still have plenty more photos from the Bram Stoker Film Fest and Whitby Goth Weekend to share :)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Manic Monday Sci Fi Theme Outfit

Manic Monday was Sci Fi themed this time

So I went as a slightly fetishy Klingon :)
(the huge amount of blue eyeshadow is a bit of an ode to Azetbur).

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Alt Snap- Whitby Goth Weekend Part 4

One of the many things I enjoy about this weekend is seeing couples who both wear beautiful outfits.

Alt Snap - Whitby Goth Weekend Part 3

I really love the embroidered detailing on the lady from Pin Up UK's cardigan :)

Because saying "no thanks" is hard now

I spotted this on Friday when I was picking up my wristband in The Spa. Am I the only one who finds this a bit pretentious?
Whatever happened to just saying no if someone asks for a photo?
I realise there are some utter arses around, but the majority of the photographers are nice, hard working people, who just want some snaps of interestingly dressed folk.
Stop and think about this for a moment, do you really think that a piece of cardboard is going to make any difference to those few that just won't take no for an answer?
As for photographers being detrimental?
Personally I find all the rumours about cancelled events far more harmful to people's Whitby experience than a few photographers.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Stoke - It Eats Souls!

This is why I shouldn't be allowed to do my own undercut!

Now that the video is out, I thought I'd share a few photos from the Lesbian Bed Death video shoot I was involved with.

Something I learned: It feels incredible to get a dress that some daft bint that claimed to be your friend scammed you with (funny how the designer dress you sold me has a Primark label on it...) stained and covered in fake blood :D

My gorgeous man :D

The Vampire Queen

Kev didn't quite realise how serious Camel Candy was when it came to playing "got your nose" .

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