Thursday 31 January 2013

Forever In Black Indiegogo Campaign

Evie Wolf for Forever in Black, taken by SJImage

Forever in Black have been making bespoke and period clothing in North East England for the last fifteen years and are looking to launch a ready to wear collection in time for Newcastle Fashion Week 2013.
The collection will be made up of ten garments for men, and ten for women and will be available in multiple sizes, Forever in Black are also looking at eco-friendly packaging for storage and sending things out in as well as printed labels and bags, and finally some display equipment, and so last night launched their Indiegogo Campaign

If you've never used Indiegogo before the idea is simple, you pledge an amount of money towards the campaign's final total, and everybody that pledges receives something in return.
Forever In Black's pledger perks are as follows:


For £1 you will receive a handwritten thank you note.


For £5 you will receive a handwritten thank you note and access to a private mailing list with details of the collection including exclusive design sketches and the catwalk couture collection.


For £10 you will receive a small free gift from the accessories collection as well a access to the private mailing list.
Bex Taylor wearing a feather collar and matching fascinator in Absinthe Green by Emily Cromarty Photography


You will receive an accessories goodie bag as well as a thank you note and access to the mailing list.


You will be able to pick a garment from the ready to wear collection and have it custom made to your size specifications, a handwritten note and access to the private mailing list.


You will receive a made to measure corset from Forever in Black's limited edition corsetry collection. You will be given a range of designs and options which you may pick. You will also receive a handwritten note and access to the private mailing list.

Yazi Van Bathory in a Forever in Black Glitter Underbust corset at Dracula's Alternative Fashion Bite.


You will receive one of every item from the ready to wear collection either for men or women, made to your measurements (10 garments), specially packed in the new packaging and you will receive them before the release date. You will also receive a handwritten note and access to the private mailing list.


You will receive sketches from the couture collection Entomophobia, from these you may pick one outfit which will be then made to your measurements. This will be a once in a lifetime outfit. You will also receive 20% discount on the ready to wear collection a thank you note and access to the private mailing list.

Abi Hill for Forever in Black, photograph by Emily Cromarty Photography

You can participate in Forever In Black's campaign here

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Berlin Fashion Week - Black Jewels

Just a quick one here.
Black Jewels collection seems to be inspired by a darker look at fairy tales (some might suggest that this is how fairy tales should be looked at as The Brother's Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson were hardly writers of the fluffy, lovey dovey tales that Disney have turned their works into).

More lace in this collection, strangely enough though, while of the collections I've looked at from the most recent Berlin Fashion Week this is the most like "Goth" as I know it, it's also the most colourful!

I very much like the corsets in this collection, the cameo corset is rather beautiful and I do like the unusual shaped red one.

In all, while I do prefer the Battenburg-Cartwright and Augustin Tebol collections, this is a close third.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Printed Fascinators

Last Friday I took advantage of the pretty snow to take some photographs of the fascinators I've been making.

I will be putting them on etsy soon.

Monday 28 January 2013

How I will be wearing my hair this week!

Faux-hawk :D

First of all I'm sorry that I was unable to upload any photos of my hairstyles last week, I'm still having issues with my camera flash and didn't want to off-load sub-standard pictures on you all.

This week I will be wearing my hair like this all week because I have a photoshoot on Saturday and this is how I want my hair for it, so you will get photos of it at some point!

Sunday 27 January 2013

Five things - January 2013 Week Four

1. Man films secret, surrealist thriller inside Disney theme parks without anybody noticing!

This sounds really interesting, shame we'll probably never get to see it :/

2. The Artwork of Shintaro Ohata

3. Before photoshop there was this!

4. JJ Abrams directing Star Wars

This was literally the first thing my brother said to anybody when he got in from school on Friday. It's very interesting that he'll be doing both Trek and Wars. 
Being raised on a healthy childhood of both, I am seriously looking forward to this :)

5.  The Coasters - Down in Mexico

I have literally no idea why but this has been in my head all week so I thought I'd share!

Thursday 24 January 2013

Battenberg-Cartwright: Wuthering Heights

Back-combed hair, pale make-up and lots and lots of black...Is this Trad Goth in High Fashion?
Yes Please!

First of all I love the crow head-piece, and I wonder if the taxidermists I met at the last Whitby Goth Weekend could make something similar because I now have the urge to plonk a bird on my bonce.
I'm also really liking the floaty, fluttery insect theme that seems to be going through the whole collection, I very much like the net skirt with what appear to be butterflies on it, and the mermaid tailed skirt.

This is another show that seems to have used a palette of textures rather than colours, while a few jewel tones have snuck in there are an awful lot of floaty black and white lacey bits going on in this one, which works really well, and given that the collection is called "Wuthering Heights" I assume this is down to the influence of Cathy's ghost (forever in my mind as Kate Bush, I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't ever see anybody else when she's at the window).

There also seems to be a really interesting influence coming in from vintage Halloween costumes, done in a non-costumey way (if you get what I mean).
Katherine Hepburn (via Lushlight)
unknown source

And also what appears to be an ode to a dress that Bjork famously wore shaped like a swan!

I think what I like most about this collection is the contrast between the incredible tailoring and the floaty fraying edges, just beautiful.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Style Guides: Nu Goth

Upside down crosses, clean, straight lines and cute accessories.
The style that launched a thousand hate blogs over the summer but attracted far more people to the style.
I'm not here to discus the controversy today (personally I don't care if people are wearing a style forever or just for a season, you don't NEED to conform to the none conformity, do what you like, be a rad person and have fun!), but instead to talk about what makes this a style.

Image via 3 minute memory

A lot of the look seems to be influenced by Goths in cult horror flicks (think Lost Boys, The Craft and Tim Burton's early work), round sunglasses seem to be the stylish way to protect your Nu Goth eyes from the sun, similar to the sunglasses worn in Francis Ford Coppola's version of Dracula, although sometimes incorporating holographic lenses.

image via Labyrinth

The Bare Essentials

Basic black mini dress
Crucifix leggings 
Big floppy hat
round sunglasses
silver jewellery

Nu Goth

Monday 21 January 2013

Augustin Teboul FW 13/14 - Somewhen

The video of Somewhen.

I showed part of Augustin Teboul's Autumn/Winter collection for next year in the video from Berlin Fashion week yesterday, but here is the full collection presented in this little art film.

In stark contrast to the Vivienne Westwood collection I posted about last week, Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul's collection is about textures rather than colours.
This is obvious from the knits, laces and layering going on and I can't help feeling that this is the collection that will inspire most of my wardrobe next winter.

My personal favourites in this collection are the long, crochet lace dress (I'm always a fan of intricate crochet!), and the crochet snood layered under the beret.

How about you? What do you like/dislike from this collection?

Sunday 20 January 2013

Five things - January 2013 - Week 3

I will be forever on the look out for one of these!

1. Dead Drops

I'm not totally decided on if Dead Drops is super cool or really weird, but I did spot on their map that there's one near Edinburgh Castle which makes me even more eager to get back up to Edinburgh!

Augustin Teboul at Berlin Fashion Week 2013

2. Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week this year featuring plenty of Eco Fashions and lots to inspire those of us who like a bit of black in our lives!

Sofia Vergara's Red Carpet Dress (image via Tumblr)

3. The Micheal Cinco dress Sofia Vergara wore to the Golden Globes

The beaded, glittery, glamorous, amazingness has got me interested in the Filipino designer Micheal Cinco.

4. Mama

The latest offering from  Guillermo Del Toro looks quite promising.


5. And finally a lot of white stuff has been falling from the sky this week!

Friday 18 January 2013

Hair of the Day - January 2013 - Week 3

French wrapped ponytail

Flip braided heart (sorry for the lighting my flash seems to have stopped working :/)

Heart pig tails

Three Leaf Clover

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Vivienne Westwood MAN AW13/14

I don't very often post about men's fashion here, usually because I tend to find men's fashion kind of same-y, but men can be alternative to!

I really like how this collection plays with height and perspective, you can see at the end if you watch closely during the final walk where all of the models come out together that some of the models who appeared incredibly tall and the model who looked very short aren't actually that different in heights.

I'm also very fond of the patterns used. Houndstooth is is usually pretty boring in it's done to death black and white, but the purple and blue, and the yellow houndstooth's are refreshing, and I could almost hear my old lecturers screaming in frustration that some of it isn't even going in "the right direction".

I love the suits at 5:39 and 6:14, the use of interesting coloured tartans is one of the things I love most about Vivienne Westwood's designs. Taking a traditional (and some might say in Dame Westwood's case saving it)  design and making it her own by exploring different colours and textures (she was a big inspiration when I made my "sparkle tartan" in my first year weave project).

The one thing I'm not so fond of is the baggy crotches on a lot of the trousers, I realise this is just my personal taste but I hope that doesn't catch on!

Monday 14 January 2013

Style Guides: EGA

Gothic and Lolita Bible Scan

EGA, or Elegant Gothic Aristocrat is the sister style to EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita), again the term was coined by Mana Sama formerly of the band Malice Mizer, currently in the band Moi Dix Mois and designer for Moi Meme Moitie.

Image via Antique Paradise

The Bare Essentials

Frock Waistcoat - This is pretty much essential in both male and female versions of the style.
Ruffled blouse or ruffled pirate shirt.
Long skirt or wide legged pants
Platform Boots


Long black vest
£92 -

Dries Van Noten wide leg pants
£220 -

Sunday 13 January 2013

Five things this week

Lyudmila Pavlichenko

1. Reading about Lyudmila Pavlichenko, the most sucessful female sniper in history.

Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones

Love this tumblr, love it so much :)

What I did at New Year

3. Finally got this year's New Year's party video online. This year you get to see the hilarity that was trying to light Chinese lanterns in HD! We did get one up eventually!

I'm currently level 16 so this is quite a way off for me!

4. Drakensang Online, ridiculously addictive MMO where female armour isn't a chain mail bikini? Yes please!

Frankenweenie, Paranorman, Brave, Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists and Wreck it Ralph are all up for best Animated Film

Saturday 12 January 2013

My Fabric Arrived!

Never bought from Spoonflower before this is how they pack it (inside a thick grey bag)

So pretty :D

Friday 11 January 2013

Hair of the Day - January 2013 Week 2

I've been kind of ill this week with Tonsillitis, so please excuse my pyjamas, but doing my hair cheered me up :) 

I like how some of Bubz's "poof"-y updos make me look a little bit Bride of Frankenstein-y

Bubz Beauty's Romantic Soft Updo

Pretty Spring Half Do.

The side bun from the quick summer styles video.

Elegant braided Summer Hairstyle

Cute Girl Hairstyles's Slide braid

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