Tuesday 31 July 2012

FYeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 2

Day 2 ~

Include pictures of your favourite shoes and/or accesories (hats, handbags, anything! Show as many as you want!) Also show your current outfit :)


They light up...I love them :D

They are 6", Pleaser, light up, Skull and Cross Bones, Pole Dancing Shoes (I can't Pole Dance, I just bought them because I think they're cool :) )

This is a picture from a while ago but it's what I'm wearing today:
Toooooooooo hot to care about being pretty!

Woohoo! Waist Length!

Length Shot!

So my dreams of Rapunzel-esque hair is almost half way there! The longest lock of my hair is now waist length (I won't really think of myself as having waist length hair until a little more of it gets there, but this does give me a little bit of a jolly boost :) ).
Next stop...HIP!

My hair is looking a little darker in this photo because I just dyed it the day before yesterday and it takes a couple of washes to get to the brilliant turquoise that I like :)
I'm considering going a more blue-y shade next time :)

Monday 30 July 2012

Fyeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ D

Take a picture of you in your most cherished item of clothing (never mind the date!)
Give a little info on it - including where you bought it and why it means something to you (eg. is it sentimental?)

My Memento Mori underbust corset

This was (I think!) my first purchase from Forever in Black (this photo was taken for an accessories shoot for them about a year later). Queenie had given me my stripy corset for my birthday, and I fell in love with it, I decided I wanted to buy another and fell in love with this design.
It is truly the most beautiful thing that I own, and it's stupidly comfortable. I love it :)

New Video: Three Quick and Easy Marie Antoinette Inspired Styles

Still trying to tweak some bits and bobs to make the sound and picture as good as I can with the tools I have so bare with me :)

Sunday 29 July 2012

Hair of the day 29/07/2012 - Marie Antoinette Travelling Companion 2

I actually took this a few days ago because today I am dying my roots

This is the hairstyle Marie's second companion is wearing in the coach to France.
There is a brief glimpse of the front of her hair during the hand over but mostly you only see the back of her hair.

Again this is really quick and easy to do, and it will also be in the video I'm planning for quick and easy styles :)

Saturday 28 July 2012

Yesterday :)

Photos in this post are all nabbed from Kev36663

Yesterday I managed 11,500 steps...Today I have mostly been collapsed on the sofa 0.o

Yesterday was The Cruxshadows gig, the last time I saw them was back in 2009 so I was really exited about this one :)

Pictured...A long ass time ago...

I managed to get my little finger on my right hand crushed against a wall at one point when we were setting things up, so two of my fingers were strapped together so I didn't end up hurting them more. I kind of ended up accidently "Live Long and Prospering" at people 0.o

This is Mark, he's dancing on a table to make sure that if we put the table on stage none of The Cruxshadows would fall though it!

When we moved the table we found out what the actual colour of the floor is!

I did the door for this gig, so I missed the two opening bands Speckulus and Alterred, but Kev snapped this really cool photo of Alterred and I thought it should be shared:

The Cruxshadows were every bit as awesome as I remembered, more so in fact.

One of the things I love about this band is the way Rogue seems to spend very little time actually on the stage and most of it out in the audience.
Of course the way their music is so dancey helps too :)

Afterwards Kev helped to load out so I got to DJ for a bit (which I'd never done before), apart from the terrifying few minutes where I thought I'd somehow managed to delete the entire playlist of things I had queued up (I hadn't), I think I did ok :) Once I got over the nerves it was quite fun :)

Friday 27 July 2012


Yesterday I did 7840 steps, I need more days like that :)
I think if I'm going to get anywhere near 10,000 steps then today will be the day as it's Cruxshadows gig day so I will be on my feet for a lot of it.
Wish me luck :)

Turning Heads in Band T-Shirts

I remember two (no wait… thinking about it three) band t-shirts that I loved to wear (sadly my waist is too big to still be wearing them, I was a thin, young thing) but I would never have dared to wear in front of my nanna!

Over the years a number of album designs and band t-shirts have caused outrage (sometimes I’ve never been able to work out who exactly was outraged) and some designs have even been banned. This got me thinking about why I bought some of the more “controversial” designs and why I have worn them.

My first and favourite was Spacemen 3’s “For All The Fucked-Up Children Of This World We Give You Spacemen 3”. Not only are Spacemen 3 one of my all-time favourite bands but I found the message of this t-shirt really appealing, they were on the outside of the music world creating music for like-minded souls and controversy aside over use of language the sentiment was perfect. I wasn’t wearing the t-shirt for a swear word but I felt a definite kinship in it, I was one of these fucked-up children and Spacemen 3 were my band, and an amazing one at that!

The second was the Sisters of Mercy’s “Fuck Me And Marry Me Young” t-shirt. I love the Sisters, their albums and singles remind me of when I was living in a damp basement in West London (with a giant Vision Thing poster in the corridor) listening to the band and trying to ignore the mice. Blasting out Dominion/Mother Russia on my homemade minidisc mixes as I marched through Holland Park and Notting Hill on my way to Uni proudly wearing my Sister’s t-shirt… they might be able to afford these massive houses and fancy cars but I had a kick-ass t-shirt that always got a second look! Wearing this t-shirt did give me a little jolt of defiance, whether this was the message or the tweed jacket I used to wear with it but I felt good, I felt like myself and walking through this rich but in places characterless place I felt like an individual. I’m very tempted to buy another of these in the correct size, I just worry I’m not quite young enough to pull it off.

My final t-shirt was a Primal Scream t-shirt that I bought at their Brixton Academy gig on their Evil Heat tour. Evil Heat had just been released, following the brutal XTRMNTR album and the Scream were on fire! Kevin Shields stood at the side of the stage wielding sonic terror and it was bliss, and tucked under my seat was a t-shirt I had picked up on my way in. The design featured a couple in the throes of passion (not your missionary style musings) and featured bright pink lettering… it was awesome! Out of all the three this was the one I wore the least, being slightly on the small side influenced this but for some reason this is one my mum never saw (she saw the others)!

Looking back at the three t-shirts I had their designs were hardly the most offensive but it stands out that I wasn’t wearing these shirts to go out and offend and shock people, but rather to share in something that the bands I love had produced, share a message with those who shared that love… and let’s face it these designs blow The Wanted and One Direction t-shirt designs out the water!

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Thursday 26 July 2012

Arty secrets shhh!

I made this yesterday...I wonder what it could be? ;)

Hair of the Day 26/07/2012 - Marie Antoinette hair - Travelling Companion 1

In the scene near the start of the film where Marie is travelling to France, she is joined in her carriage by two companions that we only see briefly.

Both wear similar (but not the same) ponytail styles.

I did 2090 steps yesterday :)

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Working on my fitness

Photo found on photobucket, I don't know the original source :/

One of my freebies from Gay Pride was a pedometer, and out of curiosity I put it on yesterday to see how many steps I did in an average day, turns out I only do 2062 steps 0.o

I've been wanting to work on my over all fitness for a while now (ever since some douchebag told me I wasn't allowed to do something because I'm "a girl" I've wanted to work on my fitness so that if I ever have the pleasure of his acquaintance again  I can waltz on past with like 20 boxes or something).
Anyway I really want to get my steps up to 10,000 as a starting point.

I'm not really looking to loose weight because I'm happy with how my body looks, I'm just not all that happy with my fitness, so here we go, wish me luck!

Hair of the Day 25/07/2012 - Marie Antoinette Austrian Princess Hair

This style is based on the hairstyle Marie has in the very beginning of the film.

Basically it is a hairband/Alice band with hair swept over at one side  and pinned down.

The band used in the film is much simpler but all of my hairbands are huge lol

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Hosting my first Blog/Art Hop!

I came up with this idea on the way home from the Post Office yesterday, anyway my idea is that for everybody that signs up they have to have a photo of them taken with the previous photo. Crappy diagrams ahead:

So it would go like this person one (me) would have someone take their photo holding a photo (I am not sure what the first photo would be, it might actually end up being a sign saying "Droste Effect Blog Hop" or something like that.

The next person (first person to sign up) has their photo taken with the first photo (you could either print it out or display it on an ipad and hold it up or something)

The next person would have a photo taken with the photo of the last person holding the first photo and so on and so on.

As each person posts their photo I will do a little write up about their blog on my blog and link to them. At the end of the project when the last person takes their photo, I will take one final photo holding the photo of everybody so that it becomes like an endless loop.
I will also make a post featuring all of the individual photos.


  • To participate you need to sign up with the linky at the bottom of the page.
  • If you don't have a blog but still want to do this then you may sign up using Twitter/ Facebook/etc, but please be aware that people you may not know may try and add you.
  • When it is your turn to take a photo you will have 48 hours to take your photo, if you can't take a photo in that time LET ME KNOW otherwise you will be skipped and the next person will get their chance instead. You can let me know either by commenting on my blog or sending me an email at random_havok@hotmail.co.uk
  • When you post you photo to your own blog (or whatever you signed up with) please link back to  http://hrhqueenalexandria.blogspot.co.uk/ 
  • After posting your photo visit the blog of the next person on the list and let them know it's their turn.
You don't need to follow my blog to participate, (but it would be awesome if you did decide to start following me :) )

If you have any questions don't hesitate to let me know in the comments below.
You have one week to sign up, have fun :)

Hair of the day 24/07/2012

Wooo more Game of Throne hair!

Sunday 22 July 2012

Hair of the Day 23/07/2012 - Almost Crown Braid

From the front

mine isn't quite as neat

I do like how long this makes my hair look though :)

The Sunday Round Up

Northern Pride 2012

Obligatory photo of people's backs!

No amount of crazy could stop me getting to this year's Pride march yesterday, first my alarm didn't go off, but it was ok because I woke up two hours before it was due to go off anyway, then my bus didn't show up, but it was ok because I got into town with 10 minutes left to sprint across Newcastle and The Gothsicles blaring in my ears!

Seriously best music to run to ever? I THINK SO!

But finally I made it! Huzzah! And found Gavin amazingly quickly! (I spent most of last year's event trying to find him and never did :/ ).
The march itself was the biggest I'd seen it be (someone told me there were 15,000 people this year...I remember the first march four years ago and there were only a few hundred!), and it got re-routed from Leaze's Park to Exhibition park this year because of the rain over the last few weeks.
The weather yesterday was brilliant sunshine (I think it's the first march that hasn't been rained on), but I much preferred Exhibition park, it's much bigger and felt nicer than Leaze's.

I told this man I'd put his name next to this photo but I forgot his name :/ If anybody knows please let me know so I can put his name here.

Fairground rides :)

The Pimms Bus!

Paul and Christine

We really liked this bus :D

Wall of happiness :)

The Cheeky Girls

An Adele Tribute Act
Totally Gaga (a Lady Gaga tribute Act)

Crowds :)

Slightly derpy photo of me that @KirstyM_85 took :)

I bought some doggy cupcakes for Star from the No Bones  stall :)

How cute is the bag they came in?

Onto the freebies!
A cookbook from Age UK, had a flick through this and it look like it has some yummies in it :D

This is so going on the wall in my studio :)

Various leaflets, condoms, lube and a metro radio lanyard!

Stress balls, flag, etc

This was a bit of an odd one, Lumley Castle's weddings brochure, that only features photos of one male + one female marriages  0.o Happy Gay Pride, here are some photos of straight people to remind you what you still can't have!
(for my non-UK readers, we have civil partnerships for same sex couple at the moment in the UK, which is similar but not quite the same as marriage)

Obligatory copy of Out Magazine.

More flyers, a pedometer etc (I think my penpals might end up being sent the badges because "How are you feeling" and "Hope you are ok" seem like nice messages to send penpals :) 

Army of free pens to hopefully keep us going until next year (unless Kev borrows them all and doesn't give them back like he usually does ಠ_ಠ )

Lots of postcards that will also be winging their way to penpals (and possibly postcrossing)

Super cool reusable shopping bag :D

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