Monday, 25 April 2011

My Big Fat Birthday post!

Today to celebrate my birthday, Kev, my mam and my brother, Adam took me to dinner :)

We had Italian food at an Italian place Kev and I seem to end up in once annually (our first date was in there, and then we were in there before KISS last year).
I had Bruchetta, then Ravioli stuffed with butternut squash (nom nom nom).
Mam and Adam gave me cards and my gift from Adam, which incase you can't tell from the picture up top are a dyed Turquoise skull necklace and bracelet set :)
I don't know what the deal is with the sudden skull theme but I'm happy with it :)


29.    Is there anything you used to find funny that you look back on and realise it was phobic?

The comedy of Jim Davidson (to be fair I only thought he was funny and not a massive prick when I was still in single figures age-wise)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Birthday Presents

Yesterday at Charnel House I got some Birthday Presents :)

Kev got me a Vampire Bunny :D Isn't he so cute? I've named him Varney, because Lord Varney doesn't get enough love :)

Queenie gave me this cute little PVC clutch bag :)

This was my gift to myself, it was made by Queenie of Forever in Black, and of course is made of that fabric I have developed an obsession with lately so matches my JSK and heart bag :)


28.    What is the most obvious example of homoromantic/homoerotic sub-text you’ve encountered in 

Probably Bert and Ernie in Sesame Street, I think it's awesome that they were a non traditional couple back when a lot more people hadissues with that kind of thing in kids TV than do now :)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Shopping Haul

Firstly I'd like to apologise for my lack of blogging this week, I have been suffering from the worst blogger's block :(
Yesterday I spent the day with my mam getting some retail therapy.
I came home with:

Blue and White stripy OTK socks
Giant Blue Flower clip (I'm going to attach it to the straw hat)
Crow Keyring (I plan on attaching this to a chain and making it into a necklace)
Red and blue striped headbow.
Glitter eyeliners in pink, gold, blue, silver and turquoise.
An alice band made of zippers.
A blue zipper to be part of a heart tote for my mam :)
Gold and blue eyeshadows.
Black Ilmasqua lipstick.
Crochet hook.
Bright blue tights.

Paper doilies.
Pleather remnant.
Straw hat.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Sewing Post- Classic Babydoll dress and heart shaped tote

I thought I'd start the week off on a bit of a high and make a sewing post.
This piece up top is a Hime Gyaru inspired, off the shoulder Babydoll dress (I'm hoping to get some worn photos of it soon).

I also made this heart shaped tote to match with the JSK I made a while back.
On Saturday it was my friend's birthday, I drank to much and fell over, now I have a huge gnarly looking graze on my left knee and my own birthday drinkies (where I shall hopefully not get quite so drunk, and if I do there are people that will be there more likely to make sure I don't fall to my doom) are on this Saturday so I plan to make the best of my poor knee and try a Guro Loli inspired co-ord so this week I shall be making an eyepatch and then I'm going to have another bash at blouse making :)

27.    Who is your favourite ally?

Cyndi Lauper

Friday, 15 April 2011

Impressivebridal tiara review

Firstly before we get into the review, you may have noticed a few changes to Queens of the Wild Frontier.
The first and most obvious is that I've changed the background. 
So we now have Gingerbread Goths adorning the page. :)
I've made a few changes to the layout and also I've made it easier to view us in several different languages, as I get a lot of international blog views.
At one point through the night my preferred comment system (Disqus) was temporarily disabled, and in that time comments reverted back to Blogger default.
I was unable to reply to the comment I received in that time, and now that Disqus is back said comment isn't viewable, so I thought it best and polite to reply to Duskrose's comment here rather than to leave it invisable:

"I love your transformation. Also that top photo is gorgeous. 
It was great to hear about your Whitby trip too (I read without commenting ^^' )." 

Thank you for your comment :) The top photograph from yesterday's entry was taken at a gallery art exhibit about the Snow Queen.
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my Whitby Posts :)


Anyhow, review time.
I used to have a really nice Tiara, unfortunately my uber cute step kitty Stirfry stole it and then it broke :(
I've been looking for a new one fora little while now, and finally found not one but two in the Impressivebridal ebay shop

I ordered models T24 and T32.
T24 is what I'm wearing at the top of the page.
I ordered the tiaras on the 12th of April and they were delivered this morning, so I was impressed with how quickly I got them.
They were incredibly well packaged (it took me 20 minutes to get into them!), and I think they're incredibly good value for money.
The tiaras fix with combs which are easily hidden within the hair.

All in all I'm incredibly happy with my purchases and I would thoroughly recommend them.


26.    One fascinating queer fact

the first advert featuring a "non-traditional" family was for Ikea 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Lolita Transformation- Old School Goth/Punk

It took a long time to find a photo of me not to dressed up and not wearing make-up because I love to dress up and wear make-up. So there is my before picture.

This is the outfit I chose to wear. I gave them a bit of an iron after taking this picture.

(please excuse the yellow hue I had the camera on the wrong setting)
I start by applying moisturiser and lip balm.

While this is sinking in I do my hair.

Next I put on a little foundation and pressed powder.

Next comes my eyebrows, a little olive eye sheadow, eyeliner, mascara and some pale pink lipstick.

All done :D

Stirfry being an attention whore again and making me lean at a weird angle and make my skirt look super short 0.o


25.    What is your favourite queer mascot or symbol? (rainbow, interlocked gender symbols, etc)

The Androgyny Flag. A lot of the LGBT flags just seem a little "meh!" to me (the Bi Pride flag really annoys me and I think it's pretty fugly), but the Androgyny flag I think is really clever.
It's a blue gradient, it changes from dark to light with no definite line to say where one shade ends and the next begins, like how gender is to people who are Androgynous.  

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


From Whitbty train station you can catch a Steam train to take you to various locations across the North Yorkshire Moors Railway network.
One of those places is Goathland.
Kev trying to change it to "Gothland"

Goathland was the village used as Aidensfield in the long running soap Heartbeat.

A lot of the signage used in Heartbeat is still on the buildings in the village, such as the one above for the Aidensfield Arms.

Gothland train station however has been used in a film or two.
It is the location of Hogsmeade train station where Harry Potter and his classmates get off the Hogwarts express before heading off to start a new school year in the Harry Potter films.

They also have Mr Weasley's car parked outside of the post office!


24.    If you could match-make any celebrities, regardless of gender or actual orientation, who would you pair up?

Tori Amos and Siouxsie Sioux  :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tuesday Tutorial-Fitting Sexy Bites Fangs

So after a little more moulding I finally got them to this:

Which I am fairly happy with.

As I said in the video, despite the instructions being to put it lightly "complete pants", I do quite like these fangs and I think they're probably the most realistic I'll get until I can afford a set of custom made dental fangs.
My moulding tip is to only use a tiny bit of the thermoplastic, if you find it's not enough it's easier to add a little bit more than to take some out.
Also I found that I had more luck pushing the thermoplastic back rather than to the side.


23.    Are there any characters from your childhood who you’re sure are queer, even if closeted?

Bert and Ernie. 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Whitby Post: The Dracula Connection

"There, on our favourite seat, the silver light of the moon struck a half-reclining figure, snowy white... something dark stood behind the seat where the white figure shone, and bent over it. What it was, whether man or beast, I could not tell."
Dracula by Brahm Stoker

The novel, Dracula, written by Brahm Stoker and published in 1897 is possibly the most famous Vampire novel ever written, when someone says Vampire to most people as vision is conjured up of one of the many actors who have played the famous Count in the various film and television adaptations of the book.

A lot of the locations in the book are based on real places, and a lot of those places are in Whitby.

Count Dracula makes his first appearance in the harbour, disguised as a large dog that leaps from an abandoned ship. 
That part of the story is based on a local story that apparently really happened, although weather or not their really was a man tied to the ships wheel, clutching a cross remains a mystery.

This partially hidden tunnel (to find it look for the park bench that appears to be perched on the edge of a very high drop- this is an optical illusion- the tunnel goes through the hill the bench is atop), is where Mina runs through after seeing Lucy acting out of character.
How Mina didn't break her ankles is beyond me, as after it are some very steep steps leading to the (rather smelly), fish market. I almost fell, and I was walking...And wearing sensible shoes!

This is the bottom of the famous 199 steps, that lead not to the Abbey as many people believe, but to St Mary's Churchyard.

Mina Murray must have been as fit as a fiddle, because she ran up these very steep steps as well.

I took this picture of the spectacular view halfway up while I was catching my breath!

The Graveyard of St Mary's church is where Mina finds Lucy sleeping on a bench, and where the following day Mina and Lucy's friend is found dead, his neck snapped by the Count. The Graveyard is huge and stretches from the end of the steps almost up to the Abbey.

At the very top of the hill lie the beautiful, crumbling ruins of Whitby Abbey.


22.    A cheesy name for a gay porno film parody:

Edwina Scissorlegs

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Whitby Post: Shopping, shopping, shopping!

One of the major causes of excitement for me this time is that I actually had some spending money for the Gothic Market in Whitby Leisure Centre.
I tend to buy a lot of things online, but I prefer to be able to see things in real life before I buy them so I can check out quality etc, so the Gothic Market is a big thing for me as I get the chance to have a look at the wares of various sellers of Goth and alternative wears from across the country.
This time I managed to pick up a pair of fangs (I actually bought these for the Hammer Horror Society Ball in October, I just decided I should buy them in advance so they wouldn't sell out), I'm planning on doing a review of the fangs later in the week so stay tuned.
The Dove and Key earrings came in a set with the Birdcage necklace, and I bought them from a seller with the most amazing array of Gothic and Steampunk themed costume jewellery.
The embroidered mask came from Queenie's Forever in Black stall, she's local to be so I get to see her stuff all the time, but this was a new product and I needed a mask for the masked ball.

Over the road in the Riffle Club was the Steampunk market, I had to retrain myself from blowing all my money on goggles!
I left with two greetings cards and two postcards from Fetishman. I love his work it's so cute and interesting :)

Later on in the week, Kev bought us both Fish Pedicures from a local hair and beauty salon (Curly Tops if you're interested and happen to be in the area).
I've been wanting to try a fish pedicure pretty much since I first heard about them, I've heard a few people say different things about them but in my opinion I like the idea, I think it's very natural (the fish do this to other animals in the wild, plus if you have blisters or any kinds of sores or cuts on your feet you aren't allowed a fish pedicure).
As I said though that is my personal experience, and if you're unsure you should check out the rules and regulations and how the fish are treated at your local salon, and if you don't like the idea, then just don't do it.
It tickled a little at first, but really it's no worse than one of those foot spas that have the water pulses in them, our feet felt fantastic afterwards (much smoother than any other foot treatment I've had done), and it's actually lasting quite well, my feet still feel pretty good!


21.    Are there any great ironies you notice in homophobia/anti-queer rights?

That I'm Pagan and seem to know the Bible better than the people that quote it for their anti-queer agenda...
Seriously Leviticus also says you can't shave your beards, a lot of you guys look pretty clean faced to me...

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Charnel House Whitby, The Masquerade Ball, Sexy Sunday and Manic Monday (and outfit post)

During the weekend we were out every night. I don't actually have very many photos from the nights because I didn't want to tread on the event photographer's toes, but I have a few.


On Friday I travelled down to Whitby wearing this, not the most glamorous of outfits,but perfect for the journey.

I transformed into this for Charnel House Whitby.

Hairslide: Claire's Accesories
Necklace: Vintage
Fan: Forever In Black
Blouse: Hand-me-down from my mother
Corset: Forever In Black
Skirt: Handmade by me
Socks: altered by me (they're the sparkle socks)


All four nights took place in The Met (this is it before Charnel House Whitby on Friday). I like the Met, but it was a little bit of a shame that all four nights were there, however it is nice venue.

Charnel House Whitby was similar to a normal Charnel House, but in Whitby and a lot bigger (and with Crabbie's ginger beer behind the bar NOM NOM NOM).
The night involved lots of listening and dancing to some of the best Goth and Alternative tunes played by DJ's Ghost, Queenie and Kev36663.
I also got to catch up with friends old and new and some people I hadn't seen since the last time I was in Whitby!


Saturday was the Masquerade Ball, as I didn't get my dress finished in time, I decided to go for an Ero Loli inspired look instead.

Facinator: Forever in Black
Mask: Forever in Black
Choker: Forever in Black
Top: Gift from Queenie
Corset: Forever in Black
Skirt: Hand made by me
Small Petti: Forever in Black
Socks: Poundland


The entertainment for the night was a mixture of music from DJs Ghost, Queenie and Kev36663, and live music from Dyonisis.
Nel wore a light up dress :D

Dyonisis played two sets, a stripped down, acoustic (ish) set at the beginning of the night, and then a full set near the end.


For Sexy Sunday I wore Old School style Lolita.

Necklace and earrings: A stall in the Gothic Market
Blouse: Gift from Queenie
JSK: Handmade by me
Epic Poof Petti: Handmade by me
Socks: Poundland

Sexy Sunday is a club night featuring Goth and Alternative music chosen by DJs Ghost, Queenie, Dave the Hat and Deadguy.
They also have an Absinthe raffle (which I didn't win) mmmm Absinthe...


Manic Monday was School Reunion themed. I decided to let out my inner child to play and do my make up a lot like how I did when I was first learning to use make-up.

Earrings: Claire's Accesories
Blouse: Gift from Queenie
Skirt: Christmas present from my mam a few years back
Bloomers: Forever in Black


Manic Monday (same DJs as Sexy Sunday), was a lot of fun, even if it was a little quieter than the last time.


20.    If you could introduce a LGBTQ character into any franchise (TV show, comic, book series etc.), how would you do it? What would they be like?

Oh totally Comic Book! Monsta Dearest and I came up with a concept for a Bisexual Supervillian purely called "The Bisexual", The Bisexual parodies the way that Bisexual people are treated by a small number of idiots in the Hetro and Homosexual communities.
The Bisexual wears a top hat and a rainbow cape, their powers are to be able to steal anybodies girl/boyfriend regardless of their sexuality. 

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