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Queen's of the Wild Frontier is here for everybody's enjoyment, so please don't repost my content without at least linking back to me.
Unless otherwise stated all content belongs to and is created by me.
The graphics used to create my background, banner and the frames I use around photographs (such as the one above) are from The Graphics Fairy unless otherwise stated, please do not nab them from here, instead hop on over to her site and take a look at her own T+C before using.


From time to time people ask me to review products and apps, and so long as they're relevant to my readers I'm happy to do this.
I am very open with my readers and will not pretend something was bought by me when it was in fact given to me for free and I will not attempt to divisive my readers in any way as to how good or bad a product may be.
I don't take bribes.
I currently do not own a mobile phone but I am able to use apple compatible apps on my ipad.
All enquires should be sent to:


and mention Queens of the Wild Frontier in the subject line, otherwise I might miss it.

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