Tuesday, 24 July 2018

So What Was I Up To?

Kev and I got married in November 2016, we had a castle, it was really pretty and a lovely wedding with our closest friends and family.
I made my dress, it's a Robe a la Francoise, also known as a sack back gown, an 18th century style of dress.

I came out as nonbinary. 
I've known since I was a teenager that I didn't really feel like I was female or male but something other, I just didn't really have the language for a long time to explain what I am, I also worried it was some kind of phase.
Those feelings never left though, and now I do have the language.

I shaved off half my hair and started dying what was left in unnatural colours.
I'd been growing my hair almost a decade, it was time for change, and I missed weird colours.
So far I've been pink, purple and currently I'm a mix of pink, purple and blue.

I started working as a Dominatrix.
Not something I'm really going to talk about here, as it can quite quickly head into NSWF/ TMI sort of situations, but it's my job, I enjoy it and I have no shame in it.
Plenty of people mention their fetish modelling careers now and then without needing to hide or pretend they do something else, so why shouldn't I?

Started another blog.
This one is quite a recent one, I grabbed a copy of Creatures 3, an old game from my childhood recently in a GOG sale, and I started a blog over at http://theimmortalnorn.blogspot.com/ to track the evolution of my Norns.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

It's Been A While...

And I have changed somewhat.

Almost two years ago now, I stopped blogging. At first I said it was so I could spend more time making Youtube videos, but I stopped doing that after a while to, the truth is I'd been writing a blog almost daily since 2010 and I was REALLY burnt out.

I felt like I was just constantly going over old ground and that my posts were boring and nobody would read them, combined with my mental health deteriorating, which I decided not to talk about a whole lot because I fell into the trap that many bloggers fall into of trying to project the "everything is awesome all the time" image, it had started to feel like I was swimming through treacle.

I needed a rest, a long rest.

At the time I thought it would be forever, but recently I have started to miss blogging and the friends I made. I also never stopped getting emails about my blog, mostly from companies wanting me to make sponsored posts, most of those I found kind of annoying to be honest, because while I did used to do the occasional sponsored post (and happily still will going forward if I'm offered a review product that makes sense, not washing powder though because hahahahahaha why did I think that was a good idea?), it just felt like they were doing the bare minimum of marketing by finding a blog, but not actually bothering to read it or see that it was still active.

On occasion though I'd still get an email from a reader telling me how much they enjoyed my blog and asking if I'd ever come back, the most recent being from Gertrude who sent me a really lovely email about my blog and asking for some advice about goth, and I guess I kind of thought, well it's been two years, it's time to come back.

It's going to be pretty ad-hoc though, I'm not going to blog every day. There might be a couple of days where there will be a post every day then radio silence for who knows how long, I don't want to burn out again and this is going to be on my terms.

No more pretending things are fine when they're not either. 

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