Thursday, 5 May 2011

Adventures in Millinery!

Yesterday I spent the day with Queenie and Tia hat making!
I started out making this fasinator with a little help and instruction from Queenie :)
Excuse my derp face.

It ended up Steampunkish by total accident, but I'm pretty happy with that :)

Next came the bonnet. I'm not quite finished it yet (NEEDS MOAR FLOWAZ!!!), but I'm really proud of it :D

We also did a little bit of a photo shoot with the JSK I made in the nature reserve near where Queenie lives.

I have two of these photos entered into Facebook competitions at the moment, and I'd love it if some of you guys would vote for me (I'm not going to spam you with it or demand your votes, but if you like the pictures I'd really love it if you clicked through and voted for me :) )


New Meme time!

Day 1: 10 Secrets
Day 2: 9 Loves
Day 3: 8 Fears
Day 4: 7 Wants
Day 5: 6 Places you want to go
Day 6: 5 Foods
Day 7: 4 books
Day 8: 3 films
Day 9: 2 songs
Day 10: 1 picture of yourself

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