Monday, 23 January 2012

The Black Gate Revisited

Back in this post I posted some photos from Tyne and Wear Museum's flickr of Black Gate and Newcastle Keep.
I said that the next chance I got I would pop over and take some newer photos to compare with both the Tyne and Wear Museum photos (from 1890), and my photos from 2006/7

In the photo on the left my mam is standing just about where the lady is standing in the old photograph.
You can't really see where the shop front was unless you're looking for it, I wasn't even aware there HAD been a shop front until I found the old photographs. 
It is possible to see into what I assume was at one point the interior of the shop through a gate at the side.
You can;t get in but you can peek through the bars.

There is something inside, written and framed, I have no idea what it says though as like I said you can't get in and see.
I assume it's something left over from when it was a museum.

More photos of Black Gate

Next we headed towards the ruined houses.
I was right about where the old photo was taken (although I was slightly out when I took mine), but I was wrong about the two houses in the photograph.
It turns out the one I thought was furthest away was actually the nearest house and the one I thought was the nearest is actually behind the archway and not even in the photo at all.
The furthest house is now a car park :(

Photos of the nearest house.

Next we went to the ruined house that doesn't feature in the old photo.
This was a little weird for me as I hadn't set foot in there since the group photo I included in the last entry was taken.
More photos of the second house

Next we explored near the ruined houses, I had never been along here before so it was quite interesting.

And a couple of pictures of the castle to finish with:

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