Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday Feature - Oral-B Pro-Expert


Reviews are my honest opinions 100% of the time, I point out both positive and negative aspects of the product. All of my reviews are based on personal opinions and experiences.

After being sent a mini tube of Oral-B Pro-Expert I decided to try it out for a week.
According to the leaflet that came with my product, Oral-B Pro-Expert "protects all the areas your dentist checks the most".
That is quite a claim, surely all toothpastes do this?
"That sounds like advertising spin to me" I thought, but resolved to keep an open mind.
Note to self, must learn to take better photos of my teeth...

The first thing I noticed last Monday when I started using Oral-B Pro-Expert was the bright blue colour and slightly gritty looking texture (I actually initially thought it was glittery!).
I was a little reluctant at first given how grainy it looked, but actually once I got brushing the graininess dissolved.
This toothpaste tastes quite nice, I'm very picky about how toothpaste tastes, I HATE overly minty toothpastes, they may smell nice but I don't like the feeling of having my tounge and gums burned out, none of this is a problem with this toothpaste though. It's very similar in flavour to the mouthwash that dentists use, so perhaps this is why they went for the dental angle in the advertising tag?

My teeth look a little whiter than in the before photo, but then the camera flash seems to have caught them more, over all I really don't think they are any whiter.

The leaflet that came with the toothpaste sample gives a tick list of the things it claims to do, and it's using this list that I've scored the product:

Protects against cavities:  Well I still don't have any so I guess it does indeed protects against cavities!
Gum disease: Again, I don't have gum disease!
Plaque: This is excellent for eliminating plaque, my teeth feel silky smooth all day!
Sensitivity :  I quite often have issues eating ice cream if it touches my front teeth, as my front teeth (yet bizzarely not my back teeth) are pretty sensitive. After a week of using this toothpaste I tried eating a bowl of ice cream and although it did still hurt my front teeth it didn't hurt as much as it usually did and I think with prolonged use this could dramatically reduce sensitivity.
Enamel: I'm not really sure how to test weather it has effected my tooth enamel without visiting a dentist :/ My teeth don't feel any harder or softer 0_o
Tartar: It pretty much eliminates tartar.
Whitening: As I said I don't really think my teeth are visibly any whiter, however it could be that this is something that has to build up over time, I only used the toothpaste for a week.
Breath: Breath has no smell at all, which to be honest I prefer to over-powering mintyness as it doesn't feel like I'm hiding anything.

Over all I enjoyed this product and I am very much considering getting it again when my regular toothpaste runs out :)
Final Score: 8/10

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