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So there's this myth that "creepy" is really a word women use to mean "ugly" in relation to men, and I guess maybe somewhere out there someone outside of a terrible teen movie about sorority sisters maybe someone does use creepy to mean ugly (message to that girl, stop it you're letting the side down!) , but most people do not.
Some of my creepiest experiences have been pretty good looking guys, and it's not just men either before some fedorable "gentleman" wanders into my comments section and starts banging on about feminism demonising men the last truly creepy experience I had involved an elderly lady ripping a hole in my skirt and prodding my backside on public transport (what the hell old lady, that is not cool at all, I don't care how old you are), but yeah anyway back on topic a couple of genuinely creepy experiences that have involved pretty good looking men:

Recently a discount shop opened in my town, it's really handy because it means I can do all my shopping in my town centre, I don't have to travel to far and I'm not pouring all my money into Tesco. I can get my veggies at our green grocer (for which I thank my lucky stars we have as the rest of my family don't have grocers within walking distance) and then I can go a few doors along and fill my bag with discounted kidney beans (we make a lot of chilli in my house because NOM) . Anyway point is this place is kind of awesome and I started shopping there AFTER I got engaged, and well I don't want to boast about the size of my engagement ring, but it's fairly hard to miss (especially if you're staring at my hands!). Almost every time I'm in there though I get the same till/ bag packer and yeah he's a fairly decent looking guy, but I'm in there to buy ten bags of crisps for a pound not admire the scenery so I just want him to scan my purchases and put them in a bag, and yet instead despite me "dude what the fuck?" Ing at him for a month solid he kept making  comments about my "pretty hands", what the hell?
(I'd also like to add that I don't have pretty hands and I bite chunks out of my thumbs when I'm stressed and I've been fairly stressed recently so my thumbs are a complete mess). Fortunately he seems to have stopped now, but why the hell would anybody find that appropriate?

The other experience I want to talk about happened when I was fourteen.
When I was fourteen I used to go to a youth group as I was home educated so I didn't have school friends and I needed to interact with people because I was incredibly lonely, I would get the bus there and get the bus back.
Anyway one night a guy sat next to me on the bus, and he was pretty good looking, I was fourteen and a good looking guy sat next to me on a bus and spoke to me. I'd had the "stranger danger" talk (which I now know to be mostly bollocks but that's another rant), but I had also been taught that above anything else I had to be nice and polite to people so I spoke back to him.
When I got off the bus he also got off the bus, and asked me for directions somewhere, so I gave him directions and went on my way, only he ignored the directions and started to follow me and by now this had stopped being "a cute guy is talking to me on the bus" and had instead become "this is actually kind of creepy", he kept trying to talk to me and I kept flat out saying "I'm sorry I have to go home, my mam is waiting for me" but he kept on following. When I was almost home he dived and attempted to grab me, I struggled but he still managed to grab my hand and kiss it before I broke free and ran the rest of the way home. For weeks I was utterly terrified that I'd run into him again, thankfully I didn't, and I didn't tell a soul what had happened as I was worried people would say it was my own fault and that I would be stopped from going out alone.

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