Saturday, 7 May 2011

Floorshow 2

Last Sunday was Floorshow 2, a day of Goth, Goth, Gothidy Goth music in Newcastle.
I spent a lot of the day working band merch and helping Queenie out on her Forever in Black stall.

I still managed to pop out and catch a little bit of each band's set.
First up were Action Directe. Action Directe are a political Punk band from Leeds, their music isn't to everybody's taste, but I like them. I've seen them four times now and each time they've had a different line up!

Next came The Last Cry, who are a little more Goth. They did AMAZINGLY on merch, people liked them so much :D

Obligatory photo of Kev and Feral DJing.

Then came The Scary Bitches, who were FANTASTIC!
(Please excuse Johno photobombing the background there lol)

Deathboy were the only band of the day whose music I didn't like.

Then came Luxury Stranger, it was the first time I'd seen them with the new line up (last time I saw them was in York last year when one of their previous line up's slightly odd fan-girls spilled red wine all over me and attempted to run away with Kev), I liked them last time I saw them, I liked them even more this time :D
Just had to get a picture of Chris's fabulous sparkle jacket :D

Dyonisis were fabulous as always :)

Sheep on Drugs headlined, I wasn't really expecting much, but I ended up really enjoying them :D
Obligatory back stage photo.


Day 2: 9 Loves

* Kev
* Stirfry Cat
* My real friends
* The parts of my family that I like
* Delicious food
* Beautiful clothes
* Myself
* Shoes!
* Fire

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