Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Theatres Des Vampires

Photo by Kev36663

Friday was one of the most awesome live bands I have ever seen, Theatres Des Vampires.
As it was a gig that Kev had booked I went along before the show to help out, I'm used to seeing some odd things be unloaded from vans and buses, but this was certainly the strangest:
Heads on pikes, I didn't manage to get a photo of the two boxes of skulls!

The bands and crew were all really lovely people, and all of the pre-and post prep was done quickly and efficiently (given that when The Lovecrave played for us they were also pretty efficient I think it's safe to say Italy is right up there with Germany for bands who don't mess around).
My Sweet Torment (photo by Kev)

I was on the door for the first two bands with Tia, I wore my fangs for occasion, which amused the doormen (I had to take one fang out to show a very curious doorman how it clipped in and how I was still able to talk and eat with them in- had to use a straw for my drink though).
Three not Goths turned up for job interviews with the venue, can you imagine how odd that must have been to turn up for a job interview and be greeted by a girl with a bonnet and fangs? Lol poor things!
The Foreshadowing (picture by Kev)

As I said, I was on the door, so I missed the two opening bands, they sounded good from what I could hear, but the big, heavy doors kind of muted the performance so I couldn't really give you an accurate judgement of what they were like.
Theatres however, I caught most of once we closed the door.
You know those really rare gigs where the band actually sound much, much better live than they do recorded?
This was totally one of those gigs!
Theatres Des Vampires, photos by Kev.

On top of that Sonia is a really amazing front woman, she commands the full attention of everybody weather she is right down to her skimpy PVC bikini, or in the amazing Medusa outfit, made and designed by their Merch Girl (outfit pictured at the top of the page).
The heads on pikes, tombstones and skulls added a surprising amount of atmosphere to the whole thing (sometimes I find adding things other than bands and equipment to a stage makes it cluttered and distracts from the performance, but it blended perfectly in this case).
Photo by Kev

I really enjoyed the show, so much so that I think this is the best gig I have been to so far this year, and it will take a lot to beat.
After the show I got a photo with Sonia:

Don't worry, I haven't gone mad and chopped all of my hair off! I got a Hime cut, the long part is tied up and tucked into my bonnet!


Day 7: 4 books

Jayne Eyere
Wuthering Heights
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (because Eowyn kicks ass)
The Silver Chair

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