Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Y Salon 30th Birthday Party

Last Tuesday was Y Salon in Eldon Garden, Newcastle's 30th Birthday Party.
Having managed to get us tickets to the event as soon as I saw it mentioned, Queenie, Laura and I turned up as the token glamorous Goths.
The night began with a complementary cocktail each (it was kind of like a Mojito, but with a twist, quite 70's infact), and miniature cupcakes (Queenie and Laura got mine).
After what seemed like an awfully long time (I'd finished my drink, and I'm a student, we drink slooooooow), Y Salon's Head Stylist and two models took to the catwalk (my apologies for having no photographs of the actual show, I sent an email in advance asking if I could take photos at the event and was told no as they had their own in house photographers, however they don't seem to have put those photos up yet anywhere and plenty of other people took photos anyway, there are some really awesome photos in Rebel Angel's post here)

The stylist demonstrated some of this season's big looks in hair (and by "big looks" I mean that BIG HAIR is REALLY in, good news for those of us who like a bit of Hime poof now and then).
A lot of the looks involved curling, and as I'm not a fan of using heat I plan on adapting some of these looks for pin curls.

Next came a small catwalk showing of currently on trend hairstyles (mostly big, though there was a very pretty variagted bob in there too), followed by a very Avant Garde section based on mermaids.
I really enjoyed the mermaids part.

Next came a small selection of nibbles (we never got any of the savoury things, but we got some beautiful chocolates and strawberries), and then came the goodies bags.

Inside my goodie bag was, a magazine (photos above)
A GHD make up bag (I'm not awfully fond of pink so I might save this for a give away), a bottle of vitamin water,

A loreal mascara, some trial size versions of heat styling products,

A GHD sectioning clip

Some discount vouchers.

I really enjoyed the whole thing, pretty awesome and I'm totally on the look out for similar sorts of events in the future :D


Day 6: 5 Foods

Lentil Daal
Stuffed vine leaves
Bengal potatoes

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