Monday, 30 May 2011

All Tied Up: A Talk in Corsetry

Corsets are something I really love. I enjoy the feeling of actually being supported (I don't really get this from bras, perhaps I just haven't found a good enough one yet), I enjoy the way they help you control your posture and most of all I like how they look, so when I found out that as part of Newcastle Fashion Week there would be a talk on corsetry I jumped at the chance to go.
When Queenie, Laura and I went to book tickets, we discovered that there were still a lot of spare places so Queenie invited along some of her customers and corset making friends, so there was quite a large group of people turned up on the day decked out in our corsets!
I wore my favourite underbust, the red silk one with the skull cameo.
 The talk was interesting, but not massively well researched , Queenie and Laura both corrected the speaker on points.
First was that she tried to say that in the past in order to tighten the corset women had their husbands push a knee into their back.
Although caricatures exist of this, it isn't actually true as this would have caused them to dislocate their backs.
The second was that she said Victorian women were expected to have waists the same size or smaller than their ages.
This is not true either as the average waist size for a Victorian woman was the same as it is now.
I did get to meet some really cool people that travelled for the talk though.
If you're into corsets you should defiantly have a look at Bad Kitty Corsets (she did one based on Neil Gaiman's "Snow, Glass, Apples" UNF!), Sparklewren and of course Forever In Black


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