Sunday, 29 May 2011

Scott Henshall Talk

(photograph via the BBC)

On the Tuesday of Newcastle Fashion Week there was a talk entitled "How not to do Fashion" with Scott Henshall.
Scott Henshall is probably most noted for designing Samantha Mumba's diamond encrusted dress for the première of Spiderman 2.
Basically the talk was about his career, how he started out at Northumbria University, became the youngest person EVER to exhibit at London Fashion week, got his collection into Liberty's and then subsequently had to remove it again after people tried to wash his designs and the prints washed off and because Wedgewood were unammused about him using their buttons that cost more to make than what he was selling them for.
Then onto his temporarily rise, then fall when he managed to accidently sell his company (always read the fine print),  the point where he could only really design for Z-listers, that awful, awful moment when he decided it would be a good idea to appear on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here", his slow rise back to where his is now and the point when he was eventually able to buy back his company (after selling his house).
I found the talk really interesting and inspiring, I'm glad I went.
I think my favourite part of the whole thing was when he said that in the world of Fashion you need to stand out and not be a clone of every other designer around you, this has always been the way I have though, and this is what caused problems for me at Heriot Watt, and has ultimately lead to me deciding that I'm not going back in September.
I felt stifled and un-creative there as I was being pushed into making "safe" designs instead of exploring the millions of possibilities out there.
If my bussinus doesn't work out I think I'll probably try and apply to do Fashion at Northumbria instead.


Day 4: 7 Wants

To finally be happy, I keep thinking I am then something always comes along and ruins it. I 
For my latest venture to work out.
Pony Boots
Enough money to live comfortably
To never have to put up with another street harasser ever again.
To not have people tell me I'm making up my sexuality or gender identity for attention (I'm not, if I wanted attention I'd pick something with less of a negative stigma duh)
 To be free.

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