Saturday, 28 May 2011

Newcastle Fashion Week

Between 14th and 21st May was Newcastle's very first Fashion Week.
The week featured talks from the likes of Scott Henshall and Wayne Hemmingway, several creative workshops and displays of locally made fashion.
The events I attended, I actually found pretty poorly attended, which was a shame as I really enjoyed said events, but hopefully in future years they will be able to advertise and promote their events a little better.
I had originally intended to go to the Wayne Hemmingway talk with Queenie,  but we couldn't find the venue and ended up missing it, however we went and signed up for tickets for a corset talk that took place on the Friday instead.
It turned out that not many people had booked tickets for the corset talk yet (mostly I guess down to poor advertising), so Queenie (being the corset maker extrodinare behind Forever in black block booked a bunch of tickets and invited some of her customers and other corset makers she knows.
We did make it to the Scott Henshall talk which was amazing, but I will talk about that tomorrow.
All in all I really enjoyed the first Newcastle Fashion Week, and I really hope there will be another next year :)


Day 3: 8 Fears

Being alone again
Loosing my teeth
Not having the opertunities I need to succeed
Being the person I once was again
I fear having a stroke and not being able to tell people what I want, just being a mind trapped in a functionless body.

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